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We are a non profit cultural organization, place in Rabbit Home Restaurant, Located at No.69,Jalan Sisi, 84000 Muar, Johor. ( Reg. No.SSM MA 0103550-P ). commission to promote and enhance Muar tangible cultural property and intangible cultural heritage, as one of the key elements for marketing Muar as Royal Holistic City and as our Johor sustainable tourism development programme.


Our Vision

1.To help Johor State Government & Muar Municipality to develop Muar as regional historical-based and cultural-oriented tourism hub along the Malaysia Cultural Corridor from Penang and Melaka as World Heritage City of UNESCO inscribed on July 7, 2008

2.To promote Muar as unique heritage sites along its 12km long historical river heritage, Warisan Sungai Muar, where The Malacca Sultanate Empire was built and further extended to Johor Empire & Pahang Empire.


Our Mission

1. Exploring and developing the historic sites, streets, rivers, buildings, plantations, used mining areas, caves and relevant natural cultural heritage and tangible cultural property surrounding the Muar cultural zone and its nearby area identified and classified as our Muar proposed World Heritage Sites.

2. Enriched our Muar-based handmade, Its music & song, folk dance & music,traditional medical way of treatment, cooking & spices, customs, adat istiadat, adat resam of Johor-Muar shall be well preserved and compiled professionally for presentation to UNESCO as part of our Johor Intangible cultural heritage, as our national biodiversity, as our Muar living human treasure, as our Johor Universal Heritage Universal Cultural Assets, in fact shall be classified as our Johor’s cultural creativity industry. Areas like Kubu Bentayan, Jalan Maharani, Jalan Abdullah, Jalan Mariam, Jalan Ali, Jalan Arab, and those historical areas along the riversides of Sungai Muar, shall be preserved, zoned and developed as our Muar Open Living Museum, Open living Human Treasure empowered with all communities of all races & its culture.

Brief History of Muar

Muara : Muar name is said to be the summary for this old Malay word Muara meaning "the wide open estuary".

Muar is rich in history as mentioned in many historical records and archaeological works. It is believed that the history of Muar started much earlier than the Sultanate of Malacca.

There were many accounts recorded about the early history of Muar. In 1361, it was claimed that Muar was a part of the Majapahit empire.

Muar Historical Location

Historical Location

What We Done

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    1. Muar Historia Established 2014

    Stategic partner of Maritime Archaeology Museum ( hereafter called MAM Museum, an institutional member of UNESCO-ICOM (International Council of Museums, ICOM, membership No:29766), also serve as International Committee Members of UNESCO-ICOM-CECA, ICOM-CIMAM, ICOM-CIMUSET, ICON-ICMAT, National Member of ICOMMAL (Malaysia).

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    2. Rabbit Home Restaurant Muar Historia 2015


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    3. Pejabat Daerah Muar & MPM 2016


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    4. Johor Gorvernment 2017

    获得柔佛州旅游部 TOURISM JOHOR,旅游文化部 MOTAC,文化艺术部 JKKN,皇宫博物馆 Istana Muzium Diraja,遗产基金会 Yayasan Warisan Johor 成为官方与非盈利自愿团体合作伙伴以及 UTM , UTHM 大学合作伙伴。

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    5. 获得民间各大组织,公会,社团及企业支持与协助发展

    * 协助市议会《亚细安最干净城市荣誉奖项》申请工作。

    * 协助市议会清理一间有碍市容的百年建筑物,并进一步成为《麻坡文化遗产中心》。

    * 协助旅游与文化部MOTAC 为30位全国各地资深导游进行介绍麻坡旅游景点。

    * 参与市议会文化街发展会议及讨论。

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Join Us

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Join us, to make our Bandar Maharani a better place. We need help in all aspects. You can be a tour guide, a painter, a designer or even cleaning the street of Muar. Together our tiny contribution can make us nearer to our goal.