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Muar Historia

We are a non profit cultural organization ,place in Rabbit Home Restaurant, Located at No.69,Jalan Sisi, 84000 Muar, Johor. ( Reg. No.SSM MA 0103550-P ).

commission to promote and enhance Muar tangible cultural property and intangible cultural heritage, as one of the key elements for marketing Muar as Royal Holistic City and as our Johor sustainable tourism development programme.

Civilization of Royal Muar Holistic City

Cultural hub

Opens to all world citizen, especially Anak-anak Johor & Rakyat Muar to join and participate as our state holders for our Muar universal cultural heritage. We are the world, We are One, Oneness in our Malaysia multicultural, multiracial world, irrespective of our skin colour, origin of race, religion or belief, social status or classes.

Strategic Partner

of Maritime Archaeology Museum ( hereafter called MAM Museum, an institutional member of UNESCO-ICOM ( International Council of Museums, ICOM, membership No: 29766), also served as International Committee Members of UNESCO-ICOM-CECA, ICOM-CIMAM, ICOM-CIMUSET, ICON-ICMAT, National Member of ICOMMAL.

Non Profit Cultural Entity

to be incorporated for promoting the Muar world heritage cultural heritage and tangible cultural property, based upon its historical sites and buildings along the heritage Sungai Muar, from Parameswara of Palembang to Temasik, 1389-1398, from Sang Nila Utama-Parameswara to Teluk Dalam, Muar, Biawak Busuk, to Sungai Muar, to Pagoh, from here moved to Bertam River, known today as Sungai Melaka, Here are the present sites of former Melaka Malay Sultanate Empire, 1400-1511.


A professionally designed Johor Royal Empire Museum shall be built and sited along the Sg Muar riverside on a little hilly area to be identified, designed and developed like the SochiroFukutake-styled, Japanese world known billionare’s natural, open, green museum. Both MAM Museum and Nusantara Museum, Who are institutional member of UNESCO-ICOM, are prepared to help and participate, if agreed and invited, to contribute to this USD8billion museum collection to ensure this proposed Cultural Project.


  1. Exploring and developing the historic sites, streets, rivers, buildings, plantations, used mining areas, caves and relevant natural cultural heritage and tangible cultural property surrounding the Muar cultural zone and its nearby area identified and classified as our Muar proposed World Heritage Sites.
  2. Enriched our Muar-based handmade,
    Its music & song, folk dance & music,traditional medical way of treatment, cooking & spices, customs, adat istiadat, adat resam of Johor-Muar shall be well preserved and compiled professionally for presentation to UNESCO as part of our Johor Intangible cultural heritage, as our national biodiversity, as our Muar living human treasure, as our Johor Universal Heritage Universal Cultural Assets, in fact shall be classified as our Johor’s cultural creativity industry. Areas like Kubu Bentayan, Jalan Maharani, Jalan Abdullah, Jalan Mariam, Jalan Ali, Jalan Arab, and those historical areas along the riversides of Sungai Muar, shall be preserved, zoned and developed as our Muar Open Living Museum, Open living Human Treasure empowered with all communities of all races & its culture.

Join Us

We really need your help to speed up the process of reaching our goal. Together, we can make Muar a better place.