Johor Sultanese

The Beginning of Johor-Sultanese

After the end of Melaka-Sultanese, begin the Empire of Johor-Sultanese. It was not an easy journey for the ancestor.

1528 – Empayer Johor



Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah II 1st Sultan of Johor

Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah II move to Pahang, Pekan Tua , Sayong Pinang, Johor Lama dan Muar, Batu Pahat, Singapore, Pulau Tinggi and other islands off … A mutual agreement and cooperation between the Dutch and Johor empayer.

In the history of the Malay government of Malacca, Muar becomes a partial focus for the Dutch and Portuguese because of its fertile land. Other than spices, pepper and gambir, gold is one of the valuable minerals available in Muar, mostly at Ledang hill, located near the city.

During that time, Kesang River and Ledang River becomes a major transportation route for Portuguese and Dutch, carrying commercial goods to the estuary of Muar River. Muar River becomes an important route for the locals who travel to Pahang, because the river started from Lake Bera in Pahang.



Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles– British,Johor & Singapore


Sultan Hussein Mua’zzam Shah – Sungai Kesang , Muar

Sultan Ali’s Rule of Muar: Muar was the royal town of northern Johor once.

A civil war between the prince of Sultan Hussein Shah; Tengku AlidanTemenggongIbrahim|Dato’ Temenggong Daing Ibrahim which was later settled by a treaty of agreement and understanding signed in Singapore between the British and Tengku Ali;

That treaty ceded the control of the rest of state of Johor (except Muar region) formally to Temenggong Ibrahim|Dato’ Temenggong Daing Ibrahim in returns of the sultan title with the condition the title is not hereditary for succession, and recognition of him as Sultan Ali and his reign ruled over the Muar region(state) of the area lies between the Muar River and Kesang River with an annual pension from the British Government under the terms of the treaty.