Nan Hai Fei Lai Goddess of Mercy Temple (before 1913)

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The “Nan Hai Fei Lai Temple”, fondly called Ah Nio Keng (亚娘宫 yà niáng gōng/觀音庙

Guānyīn miào), literally the temple of Guanyin Goddess of Mercy. The ancient temple is located at Jalan Salleh, opposite Pagoh Bus Station with over hundred years of history. It was established before 1913 and is the oldest Chinese temple in Muar. The main deity in the temple is thousand hands Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy). The temple provides various services to devotees like consultation, divination, An Tai Sui, lighting, luck-replenish, bead the bad guy ritual, etc. Main events in the year are the birthdays of Guan Yin.

Opening Hours:
7:30a.m-4: 00p.m
5:00a.m-5: 00p.m(The first and the fifteen day of lunar month)